Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of insurance do you have?+

We hold a range of insurance policies including Public Liability, Comprehensive Motor Vehicle and business insurances. Including consumer protections, you are provided with assurances of cover whilst using our services for any instances that we would normally be deemed to be liable in the event that our misconduct or negligence has resulted in the sickness, injury or death of your pet.

Available insurances policies and liabilities do not extend to cover veterinary bills, death or loss associated with BAOS or any other pre-existing physical conditions.

Whilst we do not offer private pet insurance, we highly recommend you obtain a private pet insurance policy from a reputable company such as the RSPCA, not just for the scheduled trip with us but for the protection of both yourself and your pet in the foreseeable future.

How long do I have to wait at the meeting point?+

Your emailed booking confirmation will have an estimated time of arrival. 

You will also receive a link via SMS on the morning of transport allowing you to track our vehicles progress throughout the run. 

You will receive an SMS when our driver is approximately 1 hour from the designated meeting point.

How often do you stop during a trip?+

Our rest stop and recreational periods are every four hours. This is important for the pet’s wellbeing and also the drivers and it’s the perfect time to sanitise.

What if my pet doesn’t get along with other animals?+

While we make every effort to ensure pets remain separated and in their own cages (unless requested by the owners). Our drivers may not accept pets who display any health issues, stress, nervousness, disruptive, ill mannered or violent behaviours.

For the safety of our it is the owners responsibility to ensure the pet is healthy enough with a good temperament to travel safely, any behavioural or health issues MUST be disclosed at the time of booking.

How much does pet transport cost?+

There are many different variables to consider when quoting the cost of pet transport, our fees start from $175. Our unique booking system on our website allows you to select one of our predetermined destinations, input yours and your pets details and receive an instant quote.

Can I track my pet during transport?+

Yes, you’ll be able to follow your pet’s transit in real time providing you with clarity on their whereabouts not only for safety but punctuality for drop off or pick up.

You’ll even be able to see when our Van has stopped for our rest and recreation periods.

How do I book transport for my pet?+

You can book now using our simple self-booking form on our website or by Calling our friendly team on 02 8119 6833.

If you have already been sent a quote, you can log in to complete and finalise your booking.

A booking is finalised when both payment has been made in full and booking confirmation has been received.

How do I save a position on your trip?+

To lock in a position on one of our trips you will need to complete or finalise a booking with us.

How do I pay?+

We accept online and over the phone credit/debit card payments.

Can I change my booking?+

Yes, This is best done by phone, call our friendly team on 02 8119 6833 to assist with your adjustments.

Does my pet need to be vaccinated?+

While it is not a legal requirement to vaccinate your pet, Royal Paws highly recommends that you vaccinate your pet to protect not only your pet but the other pets on board our vans, as is the case at boarding kennels and cattery to protect against certain diseases. It is Royal Paws expectation that the owners accept full responsibility for non-vaccinated pets.

Does my dog have to be microchipped?+

Yes, It is a legal requirement that all dogs and cats that are being sold, given away or re-homed have to be microchipped.

If you are not selling, giving away or re-homing your pet, you do not require a microchip although we highly recommend it.

Micro chipping also helps us identify puppies travelling in the same litter using our onboard microchip scanner.

Can I send luggage/bags with my pet?+

We can accept small backpack sized bags, any larger items may be approved to travel at the booking stage, sending a small bag with pet, paperwork, food, small blanket or toy, collar and lead is acceptable, however we cannot accommodate large bags, blankets, beds. Please note acceptance of all travel bags will be at the discretion of the driver.

Do you only transport dogs?+

Royal Paws transports mostly dogs and cats, but we can also transport other animals upon request, please contact our friendly team on 0281196833 for more information

Do you transport Brachycephalic breeds?+

While we ensure the comfort of all of our pets in transit, a steady temperature and airflow are important to maintaining brachy breeds health and comfort. Our customised vans combined with custom built cages optimise the airflow and help to maintain the temperature for not only brachy breeds but all pets on board.

How do you Transport pets?+

Our vans are customised for the comfort of your pet during transport, our vans are fitted with custom built Cages and veterinarian grade bedding. We also have upgraded suspension and air conditioning to ensure a comfortable ride throughout the entire trip.

Do you have age restrictions on pets?+

Pets must be a minimum of 8 weeks old to travel with us. We do not have an age restriction in place for older pets, however it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the pet is healthy and fit enough to travel, Royal Paws reserves the right to request a fit to travel certificate.

How long does transport take?+

Most of our runs are same day services.

Any transport longer than 1 day will have a short overnight stay usually back at our Hub in Sydney where food, water and exercise is provided before completing delivery the next day.

We ask for some patience as many unforeseen factors outside of our control such as weather, traffic conditions and number of pets on board can affect our delivery times.

In the unlikely event that this may happen, we will of course keep you updated along the way, you will also have contact with our driver and the Royal Paws Team.

Will my pet be fed or provided with water?+

While we always keep food in our vehicles, we request that you do not feed your pet up to 8 hours prior to transport to avoid motion sickness.

If your pet is required to stay with us overnight we feed them at the end of the day once the van has stopped its run.

Fresh water is regularly provided throughout the trip.

Will my pet be allowed out of the van throughout the trip?+

While we stop regularly throughout our runs for rest and recreational stops, the following policies apply:

Puppies – up to 6 months old will not be allowed out of the vehicle to avoid picking up any diseases from contaminated surfaces from outside of our vehicle, our drivers give plenty of cuddles within the safety of our vehicle.

Dogs – 6 months and older will be let out for the toilet and exercise during our rest and recreation stops throughout the run.

Cats – due to the nature of most cats, they are not allowed out of our vehicle during transport, our drivers give plenty of cuddles within the safety of our vehicle.

Will my pet be put with other animals?+

All pets will be allocated their individual cages for the trip, the only exemptions will be puppies travelling from the same litter and dogs from the same family.

We will not travel dogs and cats in the same cage, even when they are from the same family.

Can my pet travel with their own blanket or toys?+

You can provide a minimal amount of small play toys and personal bedding for your pet to travel with however for the hygiene of your pet and our driver, if the items are soiled during the trip, our driver will need to dispose of the items and replace the bedding.

Can I check on my pet during transport?+

The sender and receiver will be provided with the contact details of your allocated driver to contact regarding trip information or checking on your pet, however we do not recommend contacting driver too often for the simple fact that they are driving and need to concentrate on the road and keeping your pet safe during transit.